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The Sapling

sapling evaporator

What’s so sweet about the Sapling?

  • Portable: 90 lbs., can be used and stored in a different place, no sugar house required
  • Multifunctional: grill, smoke and bake in off-season
  • The right size: perfect for 5 to 50 taps – it only takes a handful of trees to make a gallon of maple syrup!
  • Design: engineered to be faster, easier, cleaner, and safer than other popular DIY methods
  • It’s easy to look at: your neighbors will thank you (and be jealous)

The Vermont Evaporator Company’s Sapling is designed for the backyard DIY maple syrup maker who has 5 to 50+ taps and who wouldn’t mind enjoying home-wood-fired grilled, smoked, and baked foods all year round!

Although the Sapling is simply designed, it still has the advanced features of more expensive evaporators. For example, the Sapling is a continuous flow evaporator, meaning that sap is channeled around the pan as it thickens. This configuration allows syrup to be drawn off and more sap added without emptying the pan. The continuous flow is more efficient, which means more syrup on more pancakes in less time!

Sapling Maple Syrup Evaporator
Making Maple Syrup

In allowing you to reduce the time it takes you to make maple syrup, the continuous flow also gives you the opportunity to make lighter syrup than you would using other popular DIY processes. Fancy!

Sapling Everything Grill

We expect you to get many years of enjoyment out of your Sapling. We’ve designed it to be used year-round with you, your family, and friends in mind!

Once you’re done sugaring for the season, you can turn your hobby evaporator into a wood-fired grill, smoker or pizza oven for the rest of the year until you’re ready to sugar again.

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