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The enthusiasm of our customers and their agricultural curiosity has been fueling the Vermont Evaporator Company for the past seven years. We are proud to supply fellow backyard sugar makers with a handcrafted evaporator.

“I started with my kids 4 years ago during the pandemic using a turkey fryer pot and upgraded to the seedling set up a year later. Sugaring had become a new family tradition, that even gets my oldest to come home from college to participate in. I’m really glad I found this product a couple of years ago as an affordable entry in to this hobby.”

Kyle from Massachusetts

“Have you ever gotten a thrill from a new tool – one that you can tell is so well designed and built that you know it is going to give you years of pleasurable use? That’s how I feel about the Sapling Evaporator. The Sapling unit is a continuous flow evaporator, which means that one can simultaneously draw off syrup and add new sap without having to completely empty the pan in between boils. I also really love that the steel barrel design, coupled with an exhaust stack, means that you can stand around the evaporator, smelling the sweet steam and not inhaling wood smoke.”

Teri Page from Missouri

“Kate and Justin designed these items so, so thoughtfully and effectively. I love that this product is easily interchangeable and adapts to meet your cooking needs in a matter of seconds. That is efficiency at its finest, and as a couple who also has children and wanted them to be included in their own backyard sugaring adventure in Vermont, I know Kate and Justin wanted efficiency that even busy moms and dads would appreciate . . . and we DO appreciate their design and engineering efforts behind this product very much!”

Courtney Tracy from Minnesota

“I recently purchased an evaporator. The customer service was amazing. I’m so excited to use the evaporator. Top quality construction. I highly recommend Vermont Evaporator Co.”

Thomas Popke from Vermont

“Excellent experience. . . I love the evaporator and the extra pan. I would recommend this product and company to anyone.”

Jeremy Schwab from Wisconsin

“I am really excited about this new skill I’m learning thanks to The Vermont Evaporator Company, and to be putting a new homesteading feather in my cap. Making maple syrup is not nearly as complicated as I thought, or as scary! There are gallons upon gallons of syrup just waiting to be made in those trees, all you have to do is tap their potential!”

Kate St. Cyr from Massachusetts

“We’ve never done this before ever. Just wrote a review about your evaporator. It was just what we needed. Only problem now? We’re hooked. Already trying to figure out where we can beg borrow and steal rights to more trees for next year. This is our first batch. Second batch actually came out clearer and more amber-like as this was our learning batch. But man, it tastes great. And not a hint of smoke in it because of your evaporator’s smoke stack. Thanks again for the personal delivery, setup help and chat about sugaring in general. Great family run business idea you have here.”

Mike from New Hampshire

“Season number four with our little Sapling and going strong!!”

The Dean Family from New York

“Top quality product and customer service. Have been boiling for 5 years on a homemade barrel stove and second-hand-pan, producing about 5 gallons a year. Today is our first boil of 2018 with our new Sapling Evaporator. What a HUGE difference! So stoked for our new tool!”

Jenee Rasmussen-Green from New York

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