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Sapling Everything Grill


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Are you looking to grill, smoke, and bake in your own backyard? The Sapling Everything Grill has everything you need to get started to do it all!

When we say everything, we mean everything! The Sapling Everything Grill is a masterpiece of outdoor wood-fired cooking, allowing you to grill, smoke, and bake on one portable, easy-to-use unit right in the backyard!

The Sapling Everything Grill comes with all the things that make up:

If you already own the Sapling Evaporator Pan, the Sapling Everything Grill has everything you need to add grilling, smoking, and baking to your backyard activities. The Sapling Everything Grill also gives you a firebox that fits the Sapling Evaporator Pan, which will increase the efficiency of your backyard sugaring.

If you are looking to smoke, grill, bake, and SUGAR in your backyard, check out the Sapling Everything Grill with Evaporator Pan.

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$1,521.00 when you choose pickup at checkout!


Grilling food on the Sapling Everything Grill

Converting the Sapling into a wood-fired grill is as simple as removing the Sapling Evaporator Pan and putting on the Sapling Grill Grates. Once in place, you get a grill surface that offers a large, 20” x 30” grilling space, ready to accommodate all epic, at-home culinary adventures. An expansive grilling space to make food for large groups or even meal prepping! We’ve fit 14 pounds of chicken for grilling, a 15-pound turkey, 40 sausages (veggie or meat)… you get the picture.

You can use firewood, charcoal, or a combination of both as fuel. Or throw in some wood chips to elevate your grilling game.

Read more on how to grill on your Sapling.

Smoked Salmon on the Sapling Everything Grill

To convert your Sapling to a smoker, you’ll add the following to your Sapling:

Convert to a smoker by adding the newly redesigned Sapling Grill Lid! With a pin hinge system, the Sapling Grill Lid is easy to pop on and off of your Sapling. The Efficiency Baffle allows you to deflect the heat from the wood fire in the bottom of the Sapling away from your food source. Then close the Sapling Damper (installed in the Sapling Stack Pipe) to keep the smoke in and around your food. You can use wood, charcoal, wood chips, or a combination of the three to smoke your meats and veggies on your sapling

Read more about how to smoke on your Sapling.

sapling pizza oven

To convert your Sapling to a bread and pizza oven you’ll add the following:

Making bread and pizza on the sapling is easy and fun. The wonderful smoky flavor imparted on wood-fired bread and pizza is quite a treat!

Read more about how to bake bread or make wood-fired pizza on the Sapling.

What makes the Sapling special?

Weighing in at 100 lbs, the Sapling can easily be moved around the yard or into and out of a garage or barn at your convenience.

Affixed with stainless steel bolts, the door of the Sapling Evaporator is larger than those found in barrel stove kits. This extra space allows for ample room to load your firebox to the max!

The legs of the Sapling are also taller than those typically found in barrel stove kits. This allows for a more comfortable position when grilling, smoking, and baking on the Sapling.

The Sapling Evaporator is made from a new, unfinished steel drum that is powder-coated with high-temperature paint to resist cracking, flaking, and corrosion.

Limited assembly is required to get the Sapling up and running. We’ll send you step-by-step directions, with pictures, to help you with this process. And you can watch a video of how to assemble the Sapling Evaporator here!


We’ve been making evaporators since 2015, and we estimate our evaporators will last 10 years at the very least. With some easy maintenance, TLC, and covering the unit when not in use, we expect most Sapling owners will far exceed this estimation.

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