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Sapling Evaporator Pan


Happy with your firebox as is but looking for a new pan? That’s cool with us! The Sapling Evaporator Pan is available for separate purchase. The Sapling Evaporator Pan measures 30″ x 20″ x 6″ and is made from 18 gauge stainless steel. Includes two baffles to partition sap and a pour-off valve. All welds are lead-free.

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9 reviews for Sapling Evaporator Pan

  1. Herman C Felderhof

  2. Aaron S.

    Been using the sapling for 6 years and decided to get a second to swap out while cleaning the niter from the first. Stopped by on the way back from the eclipse and service was prompt and friendly.

  3. Timothy Leek

  4. Peter Gill

  5. joshua h.

    Excellent pan! Very well made. The valve makes pouring off so safe and easy. Highly recommended.

  6. David

    Compliments to your welder/fabricator. A beautiful piece.

  7. Thais Frost

  8. Douglas Lantagne

    My first pan. I have used it three times over the last 5 days. It is so much better than what I was doing with large pots. I am very happy with the construction and the productivity of the pan. I didn’t give it a 5 for my own selfish reasons. It would be great if you could reverse flow, but the cost would go up! Wonderful pan for the cost. Great value. Thanks.

  9. William

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