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Seedling Warming Pan


The Seedling Warming Pan is designed to fit on the back of your Seedling Evaporator Pan, and will preheat your sap using the already-existing ambient heat from your firebox for a more efficient boil!

​Measuring roughly 7.5″ x 17″ x 6″, the Seedling Warming Pan can preheat up to 3 gallons of sap at a time. The Seedling Warming Pan sits comfortably and easily on the back of the Seedling Evaporator Pan, and is a great addition to your rig! A stainless steel pour-off valve allows for more control over the flow of warmed sap into your boil.

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2 reviews for Seedling Warming Pan

  1. Claire

    It looks good. Won’t use it until next fall.

  2. Charles Chehy

    Nice craftsmanship

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