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Seedling Evaporator Pan


New Design for 2023!

Only a few maple trees? On a budget? Happy with your DIY firebox? No problem! With the newly redesigned Seedling Evaporator Pan, you can make maple syrup on a propane or wood firebox of your own construction!

The Seedling is a 17″x 23″ stainless, baffled evaporator tray with lead-free welds and a lead-free pour-off valve. It is appropriate for the amateur sugar maker with access to only a few maples. The Seedling, a continuous flow evaporating pan, is more efficient and more fun than time-honored bucket/pot/flat pan methods. Converting a barrel to an evaporator using a barrel stove kit or the equivalent? At 17″ x 23″, the Seedling Evaporator Pan is sized perfectly for your project!

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9 reviews for Seedling Evaporator Pan

  1. Robert K.

    To be continued next sugar season!

  2. Michael Wolske

    Boils the water out fast. I wish I had purchased the Sapling.

  3. Arthur Cabral

    Nice quality

  4. Jef Olson

  5. Erik Manning

    Product worked excellent

  6. Claire

    Looks very sturdy but won’t sue it until next fall.

  7. Stephen S.

  8. Mike Carter

  9. Anonymous

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