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Maple and Backyard News

Nov 4, 2020 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

This stick season, take a free online beginning maple sugaring class, pick up some maple cocktail syrups and bitters by Vermont’s own Runamok Maple, or try and parse Rob Gronkowski’s latest maple syrup sports analogy. What?

And then there’s cooking. Start with these seasonal pumpkin oat pancakes orwalnut pumpkin flapjacks. Proceed to maple sticky buns (breakfast dessert!). Find a way to work chocolate hummus into your day, and then finish up with maple glazed apple, bacon and pecan flatbread with a side of grilled maple acorn squash for dinner. For dessert, try coffee pumpkin pie, pumpkin trifle,pumpkin whoopie pies, or pumpkin cookies with maple drizzle. Don’t forget a shot of caribou before bed! Let’s pack on those pounds!

Backyard News

And while most of us in sugar country are just getting ready for the snow to fly, others are doing more remarkable things with their backyards: amateur archeology, citizen astronomy, and backyard birding (also here and here). In sports: backyard ultra marathons. And in the arts: backyard plays, and secret backyard stand-up comedy. Finding a way to laugh in the backyard? Yes.


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