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Maple Recipes

Mar 17, 2022 | Cooking with Maple

Maple recipes for high sugaring season feature quick fuel for DIY maple syrup making! Here’s how to make your maple and eat it too!

Breakfast! The most important meal of any day, expecially a day spent making maple syrup. Waffles are excellent fuel for a day of backyard sugaring, and an excellent vehicle for maple syrup! Here are no less than twenty kinds of waffles to start your DIY sugar making day:

  1. Old Fashioned Buttermilk Waffles – The basic, the classic, the poster-waffle.
  2. King Arthur’s Whole Wheat Waffles – A standby for the busy, health-forward, family-cook waffle.
  3. Overnight Waffles – A yeasty, fluffy, worth-the-wait waffle.
  4. Gluten-Free Chocolate & Buckwheat Waffles – An accessible, whole-grain, chocolate waffle.
  5. Belgian-Style Yeast Waffles – An even-fluffier-than-usual take on the classic waffle.
  6. Belgian Buttermilk with Glazed Bananas – The tangy, sweet, what-do-I-do-with-that-old-banana waffle.
  7. Whole Wheat-Oat Waffles – The hearty, virtue-in-a-waffle waffle.
  8. Crispy Cornmeal-Bacon Waffles – A savory, salty-cruch waffle.
  9. Cinnamon Sugar Sourdough Waffles – The tastes-like-a-country-fair waffle.
  10. Coffee Flavored Belgian Waffles – A drink-your-coffee-and-eat-it-too waffle.
  11. Collard Waffles with Brined Trout & Maple Hot Sauce – The breakfast-all-day waffle.
  12. Corn Waffles with Strawberry Syrup – A tastes-like-summer waffle.
  13. Dark Chocolate Waffles – Wherein chocolate and waffle elope, but invite you to the party.
  14. Elvis-Inspired Peanut Butter & Banana Waffles – Elvis lives and is in the building! Through this waffle, in your kitchen.
  15. Ham and Cheese Waffles – The greatest-lunch-meets-greatest-breakfast waffle.
  16. Pearl Sugar Waffles with Bacon & Plum – A taste-layered-on-taste waffle.
  17. Stuffed Puff-Pastry Waffles – The flakiest waffle in waffledom.
  18. Yeasted Browned-Butter Waffles – A simple, but surprisingly delicious waffle.
  19. Spiced Waffles with Carmelized Waffles – The all-American dessert waffle.
  20. Sweet Potato & Pecan Waffles – A southern-inspired, all-food-group waffle.

As always, there are more maple recipes around every corner around here!

(And if you’re wondering what’s up with the picture, pickles are a traditional accompaniment to sugar-on-snow. Also, they are green. Happy St. Paddy’s!)


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