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Maple and Backyard News

Aug 13, 2020 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

It’s as hot and sticky as a batch of maple syrup out there! Tired of binging on Netflix to beat the heat? Binge the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Summer Conference, now available online, instead, including our 90 minute tree-to-table, everything-you-need-to-get-started Beginning Maple Syrup Making presentation!

In other maple news, some say maple is poised to be the culinary ingredient of 2020! Canadian maple sparkling beverage brand Sapsucker is considering entering the US market. And researchers at Harvard are studying how plants, including sugar maples, adapt to climate change. Out of nowhere, the internet is abuzz about a mushroom that tastes like maple syrup (aka “mushroom cookies“). And something from our celebrity files: Martha Stewart celebrated her 79th birthday with specialty foods caviar and . . . you guessed it: maple syrup. Bringing it back down to earth, a small Minnesota town converts maple syrup barrels to artfully decorated community trash cans. Way to reuse, Cook County!

Everything else is food glorious food! Much of which pairs maple with the seasonal blueberry: blueberry-maple french toast, grain-free blueberry cobbler, walnut-blueberry oatmeal bites, vegan banana-blueberry-praline french toast casserole, blueberry-maple-coconut popsicles, and blueberry-maple vinaigrette!

But that’s not all! Consider grilled moringa drumsticks with saffron yogurt dip, spicy thai peanut soup, or KC style barbeque for your main course. For dessert: a homemade orange-maple creamsicle, a maple-cashew butter-oat no-bake bar, or go all out with a slice of mascarpone ricotta maple walnut cheesecake!

Backyard News

Today in creative-pandemic-backyarding, we give you backyard pool rentals, a backyard art studio, and a entire town from the old west! But “creative” is not the word we’d use to describe this rich and famous guy who was lost in his backyard for 7 hours. Yikes.

For the book-lover: Roald Dahl gives a tour of the backyard hut in which he penned his beloved children’s books. For the history buff: how the backyard BBQ became an American tradition.  And for the gamer: giant backyard board games.

Backyard nature loving is still as hot as the noonday sun! A free online backyard nature course is now available through the North Carolina Extension Service.  Recently of note in our backyards: alligators, baby foxes, bobcats and a rare white squirrel. Also covered: backyard snakes and the hairy woodpecker.


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