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Maple and Backyard News

Aug 26, 2020 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

Pandemic or no pandemic, the maple industry is doing great. In fact, a new study calls for big maple to experience “stunning growth” in the coming years. In other industry news: you can now purchase maple syrup that glitters. An embarrassment of riches all around.

Otherwise, there’s a distinct back-to-school vibe in maple news. Your very own Vermont Evaporator Company is taking donations to sew durable, washable cotton masks for local public school children returning to in-person instruction this fall. The Girl Scouts have announced that their new french-toast inspired cookie flavor “Toast-Yay” will feature maple flavored icing. And there’s totally something school-days about maple-popcorn balls, right?

I’ll be darned if it’s not otherwise all about breakfast. And booze. Good bookends for what cometh down the pike. For breakfast, fried mush, a midwestern breakfast food you’ve never heard of. Or perhaps banana maple pudding, maple sweetened breakfast popsicles, or breakfast cake with maple, peaches and plums. For evening, it’s a veritable Maple Song of Ice and Firewith no-churn maple-moonshine ice cream and a maple hot toddy. Dang.

Backyard News

Our backyarding is transitioning out of full-on summer mode as well. We’re still doing things like building faux around-the-world train trips, engaging in amateur archeology, and attending the zoo in our backyards. There’s also football, olympic swim training, floral entrepreneurship, skeet shooting and archery occuring there. But fall activities like getting your first flock of hens and orchard planting are also popping up in the news. And, not to be outdone, some kids and teachers are going back to school in their backyards as well!


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