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Maple and Backyard News

Mar 3, 2022 | Maple and Backyard News

We’re shoveling snow, sleeping, eating and shoveling more snow up here in Vermont. Here’s what’s on for maple and backyard news in other parts of sugar country.

Maple News

The world lost a beloved leader of indigenous rights earlier this year when Clyde Bellecourt (Thunder Before the Storm) passed away. Among many things, Clyde worked to educate Minnesota youth about traditional foodways, including making maple syrup. Rest in peace after a life well lived, Clyde.

Maple is everywhere! The USDA recently named Vermont the dominant agricultural state of New England, due to its dominance in maple, dry hay, and alfalfa production. Washington State is now home to one of the rarest syrups around: BIgleaf Maple. Here’s where to get Bird-Friendly Maple Syrup in New York. And Ontario maple is expanding in a new strategic direction. Unfortunately, Nova Scotia producers are reeling from a recent ice storm. On the upside, urban maple is thriving: meet the Philadelphia Maple Evangelist.

Elsewhere in sugar country, some say maple syrup could be the next best cottage industry in Kentucky, and a grant aims to bring Indiana maple back to its former glory. Maple season is officially underway in Connecticut, and in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area.  Theres a budding maple syrup industry in the Mountain West, including in states like Utah. Detroit police issue an apology after breaking up a Native American sugarbush ceremony. And you should consider buying your maple from trusted or local producers: a recent study found that many syrups purchased online have quality defects.

New in maple: Molson’s new maple-infused beer, “Molson Beerup,” Jeni’s Maple-Soaked Pancakes Ice Cream, and Maple Waffle Crisp Cereal from Kashi. Old in maple: images of a Vermont maple farm from the 1940s.

Backyard News

In those backyards where maple syrup is not yet being made, you may still find backyard ice rinks, toddlers on zambonis, and backyard luges. And then there’s the sky. Backyard astronomy is the it thing! And the list of the top 5 astronomical events for 2022 is out. Apparently, we all just dodged a solar bullet. Who knew!? Answer: backyard (and probably also professional!) astronomers. If you’re into it, theres a new podcast for backyard astronomers. And some backyard astronomers are turning their stargazing into art. Very cool.

That’s a wrap! But more maple and backyard news is always around the corner here.


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