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Maple and Backyard News

Jan 26, 2022 | Maple and Backyard News

It’s go time! Early maple syrup season has begun in the south and mid-Atlantic. Here’s what else is going on in the backyards of sugar country and beyond.

Maple News

Early maple syrup season is a go! Sap is flowing in Missouri and New Jersey, and the pros are already at it in Vermont, home of maple-syrup-making olympian Ryan Cochran-Siegle. Not to be left out, folks further south are tapping fifteen other species of trees for syrup making. And the Pacific Northwest is looking to get in on the maple syrup action as well. The scoop in Wisconsin maple: also expanding.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Maple Federation has announced the quota winners who are now busily tapping 5 million more maples for the 2022 season, and producers in New Brunswick are petitioning to tap on public lands.

Can all of this maple-thusiasm counter the climate’s warming and keep our pancakes covered in the good stuff? Only time will tell.

Backyard News

Where early maple season does not apply, people are keeping busy anyhow with usual and unusual pursuits. Building backyard guest homes from kits, making swanky ice bars, setting up inflatable hot tubs, hanging out in the family igloo, and, of course, gazing at the stars.

The WOW prize for backyard construction for January 2022, however, is a two-way tie between a 500-foot backyard skating trail and a scale model of Johannesburg. I mean . . . wow!

As always, more Maple and Backyard News is around every corner around here. See you again soon!


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