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Maple and Backyard News

Jul 13, 2021 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

It’s the waning days of COVID (she types, hopefully) and the supply chain is a fright. Will there be a maple syrup shortage? Yikes! These people say “yes.” Quebec is certainly thinking ahead: the province plans to add 3 million more taps by 2023. Meanwhile, in Vermont, syrup shortage or no, we’re having a hard time finding plastic maple jugs in which to put it.

In other industry news, the smaller markets of New York and West Virginia reported a 20% and 15% drop in production in 2021, respectively. The state of Virginia has a new maple syrup makers association. And, according to a newly-released study, American consumers really, really (really) want to know which state their maple syrup comes from.

New in maple history: how the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa contributed to the World War I effort, both by serving in the armed forces, and by alleviating the effects of food rationing at home by increasing maple sugar production.

Interested in knowing about the more-than-just-maple indigenous contributions to our way of life? If you are north of the border, consider taking in the “Indigenous Ingenuity: Timeless Inventions” exhibit at Science North in Ontario. In Vermont, northbound tourism is still on hold. Boo!

Backyard News

In the backyard, people are hard at work learning about how to compost, how to safely use chicken manure in the garden, and how to control invasive species. One of us discovered a new species of ant! What is “backyard orchard culture?” You can learn that, as well as how to cook huge chunks of meat in the backyard.

In silly backyard news, you can now apply to win a baked bean-themed backyard makeover or a foodie-themed backyard glamping experience.

And, rounding it out with seriousness, a man from Austin works to turn his backyard into a campsite for people experiencing homelessness, and a new app allows Cincinnati gardeners to connect with places to donate their excess produce. Hooray for doing good in the backyard!


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