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Maple and Backyard News

Mar 26, 2021 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

Maple news is pouring in from all over maple country. Rhode Island (state tree: Sugar Maple) has seen its season come and go, as has Connecticut (where maple syrup is hailed as the state’s first agricultural product). The season was short and sweet, as usual, in Delaware, reportedly got off to a slow start in New Hampshire and Ontario, and may end sooner than hoped in the north country. In Kentucky, farmers worked hard to increase production this year. Here at home in Vermont, university students are hard at work making the syrup that will be consumed in their dining halls all year.

In other news, urban backyard sugaring is now most definitely a thing! Congratulations to customer Jethro Heiko of Oak Lane Maple in Philadelphia for this awesome coverage of his community-based, maple-making project. Are you doing something new and different in the backyard maple space? Tell us about it! We’ll pass on your news here.

Virtue was lost on this batch of maple recipes. There is only this vice: Maple Mint Juleps and Homemade Maple Ice Cream. Warm weather must be on its way!

Backyard News

Celebrities. Backyards. Things they are up to: building mini-towns for their children. Things they weren’t up to (even though they said they were): secretly getting married.

If not still sugaring, the rest of us are up to this: enjoying a backyard iditarod, geeking-out on the weather, farming in our backyards, farming in other people’s backyards, and building antique backyard log cabins from salvaged building materials. We are so much more interesting than those famous people, right?



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