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Maple and Backyard News

Dec 17, 2020 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

It’s holiday season! And, by that, we mean Happy National Maple Syrup Day, of course! As for all those other holidays, they sure seem to have one thing in common: epic maple recipes. Welcome, Yule!

In addition to Vermont Centric Winter Cocktails, it’s always the right time for latkes, Sweet Potato Latkes with Maple Sauce, Apple Cinnamon Latkes with Maple Syrup, or Zucchini Latkes with Maple Cranberry Sauce included. Chase it with Vegan Banoffee Pie if you wish! And don’t forget to try the Maple Rosemary Cashews.

Spiced Maple Glazed Ham with Fresh Peach Relish for Christmas this year, anyone? Or perhaps you’d prefer Duck with Maple Ginger Orange Sauce. And to start, Mapled Chestnuts over an open fire, Figs with Bacon and Chile, or Baked Brie with Pecans and Cranberry Orange Chutney? Or keep it simple this year with Maple Baked Salmon, or Four Ingredient Maple Chicken served with No-Knead Dutch Oven Bread and [insert veggie here]. Either way, be sure to finish it all off with, what else, Maple Sugar Cookies and Maple Cranberry Gingerbread.

And these two are in the running for best recipe names, 2020: Smoked Pig Candy Sweet Bacon and Barbeque Smoked Turkey with Maple Coffee Butter Mop Sauce. Wowzer. While this one is not on any award lists, anywhere: Maple French Fry Sundae by Burger King.

Backyard News

The holidays sometimes feel like a very front yard time of year. Lest ye think we’ve let our backyards become as boring as they are cold, however, enter the third Backyard Highland Games, a backyard viking hut that’s gained international attention, and Jim Beam’s Backyard Snow Globe Giveaway for that perfect socially distanced outdoor (and yet warm) holiday cocktail hour.

In nature, you can now view YolkTube, a YouTube channel for backyard chicken enthusiasts, simply spy a tufted titmouse at the backyard feeder, or perhaps study up to take part in the Native Plants Backyard Challenge next year.


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