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Maple and Backyard News

Dec 1, 2021 | Maple and Backyard News

We’re foraging evergreens for seasonal decoration and working hard to fulfill holiday orders. What’s your maple and backyard news?

Maple News

The biggest maple news of the moment is this: there’s a maple syrup shortage. Did you know? Facing this maple-tastrophy, Canada has tapped its strategic maple reserves and flooded the market with nearly 50 million pounds of maple syrup. A sticky situation. (Apologies.)

How will this affect American maple syrup makers? Only time will tell.

Other questions to consider include whether maple syrup prices will soon spike, and why Canada has a strategic reserve of maple syrup in the first place!

In celebrity maple news, Ryan Reynolds cries pure, 100% maple syrup tears. We knew we liked that guy!

Backyard News

Backyard news is in and it’s all about the holidays, birding and winter sports. Oh, and finding the remains of an ancient Roman house in the backyard. Notable!

Creating a holiday winter window box is keeping some busy in the backyard, while others are planning their DIY ice rinks with help from some booming backyard rink enterprises. Until then, there’s always backyard football!

Backyard news isn’t all about turkeys (although some of it is). It’s also about people figuring out how to attract and feed birds, identify birds and count birds in the backyard this winter!

And that’s a wrap! As always, there’s more maple and backyard news around every corner, around here!


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