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Maple and Backyard News

Jun 18, 2020 | Maple and Backyard News

Maple News

Vermont set maple production records in 2020, maintaining its status as the nation’s largest maple producer, while New Hampshire reported an average harvest.

You may now find maple on the ingredient list of your pecan butter or beer, or mixed with other tree syrups!

Real maple looks on silently as fake maple comes to terms with its history of racially insensitive branding. How much more work is there to do to root out hidden racism in America’s kitchens?

One thing is certain about our kitchens: maple is taking them by storm, whether paired with a classic summer fruit in a strawberry trifle or strawberry rice pudding, with rhubarb (or here), or in baked peaches!  Not to be outdone, no-churn ice cream and banana tahini popsicles are claiming maple as their own. And for those who can’t wait for dessert, there is maple ginger glazed salmon, cedar planked salmon with maple, maple improved pasta salad, and thai summer rolls in peanut sauce. You can wash it all down with a maple sweetened cold drink!

Backyard News

While some of us are working on attracting wildlife to our backyards (also here, and here), others are trying to repel black bears, woodchucks and even alligators from ours. Also spotted in backyards: orioles, hawks, bald eagles, and goldfinches. Non-bird species include trendy garden veggie kohlrabi.

Other backyard pursuits making news: embracing backyard conservation, raising monarch butterflies, competitive species counting and composting (and here), backyard photography and epic dream builds like treehouses, backyard beaches and pirate ships.

From our backyard to yours: peace and health this summer!


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