We are the Vermont Evaporator Company, and our mission is to bring people together to make delicious, wood-fired maple syrup outdoors. Let us show you how to bring your trees to your table today!

Hobby Maple Syrup Evaporator and All-Season Grill


Sapling Evaporator



Making maple syrup (or “sugaring” as we call it here in sugar country) is now available to the hobbyist! The Sapling Evaporator burns wood in an enclosed barrel chamber, boiling sap in a stainless-steel pan until it becomes beautiful, amber maple syrup. After sugaring season is over, the pan pops off to reveal the perfect fire box for a grill, smoker, or wood-fired bread and pizza oven!

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“Top quality product and customer service. Have been boiling for 5 years on a homemade barrel stove and second-hand-pan, producing about 5 gallons a year. Today is our first boil of 2018 with our new Sapling Evaporator. What a HUGE difference! So stoked for our new tool!”

Jenee Rasmussen-Green from New York

“Season number four with our little Sapling and going strong!!”

The Dean Family from New York

“I recently purchased an evaporator. The customer service was amazing. I’m so excited to use the evaporator. Top quality construction. I highly recommend Vermont Evaporator Co.”

Thomas Popke from Vermont