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Sugar Cube ZB Reverse Osmosis System


Take your hobby maple syrup operation to the next level with the newly reengineered Sugar Cube ZB™ reverse osmosis system – a reverse osmosis solution for the home producer. With almost no assembly and easy-to-follow instructions, the Sugar Cube ZB™ is truly a “plug and play” unit that filters out half the water in your sap, leaving you with sap concentrate that has twice the sugar, cutting boil times in half or doubling the capacity of your pan or evaporator.

At typicall sap-processing temperatures, the Sugar Cube ZB™ will process about 8 gallons of raw sap per hour.  And, unlike any other reverse osmosis unit on the market, the Sugar Cube ZB™ is built with a UV filter that eliminates bacteria and yeast in your sap, leaving you with sap concentrate that stores longer in that snowbank before spoilage! Perfect for the maple syrup maker who saves sap up for weekend boils, or for the syrup maker ready to take on a tree with lower sugar concentration.  All contained in an easy-to-carry, easy-to-store (and easy-to-look-at) ammo box, the Sugar Cube ZB™ even has curb appeal!

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8 reviews for Sugar Cube ZB Reverse Osmosis System

  1. Anonymous

  2. Kris B.

    What a time saver!

  3. Tim Ezzo

    Can hardly wait to try this R.O system. Compact. Portable.
    Easy to understand and figure out. On line You Tube videos by Vermont evaporator company are super helpful.

  4. Timothy

    I ordered the Sugar Cube too late in the season to use this year but I look forward to using it next year.

  5. Thomas Barrett

    So far so good- a great system for the hobbyist!

  6. James

    Happy with how it works and the set up. I am familiar with ROD systems from my previous career in the Navy. However, it is a lot packed into a small case so imperative that everything is tight as it is very difficult to find/fix leaks after everything is back in. Taking things apart to fix leaks usually leads to another leak somewhere else ! The UV filter on my set started leaking badly (at cable entrance end not on inlet or outlet piping) on the first run which was relatively easy to fix but should have been picked up in final checks at factory. It might be helpful to point out that it takes some fiddling to get the pump to get a suction at the beginning. Although the sap was at a higher level, I still had to hand pour down the line before it picked up suction. Also, perhaps a trouble -shooting table in the instructions would be helpful. All in all though, a very good investment and I am happy with the experience both with Vermont Evaporator team and the Sugar Cube itself.

  7. Shawn C.

    Good directions, easy set up, huge time saver! Won’t take long to pay for itself

  8. Arlis Sayler

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