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Maple Curriculum

child pouring sap

Children benefit from being, learning, and playing outside, which supports their physical, mental, and social health. Children need to live, laugh, play and learn in our natural world. They need to get their hands dirty, and experience how our Earth takes care of us.

We aim to teach children (and adults!) that maple syrup doesn’t grow on trees! It grows in trees!

Below are some resources that are great ways to get started teaching kids about the process of making maple syrup. The below curriculum spans Science, English, Math, and History, which all work together to tell the story of how maple became a staple in our modern day diet.

Sapling Evaporator Curriculum

This curriculum was developed by us at the Vermont Evaporator Company to go along with our flagship Sapling Evaporator. There are worksheets for the students to make their observations and record measurements, along with other activities to keep them busy during the boil. There are infographics, suggested books, and other resources to bring learning about maple into the classroom.

kids and man playing outside with logs

Additional Curriculum

Below is a list of curriculum developed by other associations, businesses, and colleges. There are a lot of great resources out there, so we hope to connect you with whatever works best for you, your classroom, and your students!