Discontinued: 0-20 PSI Regulator for Outdoor Propane Appliances


This is a high-pressure, 0-20 PSI adjustable propane regulator with a 4 foot, QCC-1 type hose. It works with newer U.S. propane tanks. This user-friendly item is a must have for propane burners, turkey fryers, heaters, smokers and other outdoor propane appliances. The regulator is easy to use; just connect and go.

The four-foot hose fits type 1 (QCC-1) tank connections. The unit is heavy-duty, long lasting, reliable and good for use with high-pressure burners and has an adjustable output of 0 to 20 PSI. The fitting is standard: a 3/8” flare fitting with an outside diameter of 5/8”.

Note that tools are required for secure, leak free connection to your appliance.

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