Sweet Ideas: A Gift Guide for the Sapling Owner

November 22, 2019

It’s that time of year again! Gak! Shopping!

Luckily, you know a proud owner of the Sapling Evaporator, and have taken a moment to surf the internet at work . . . I mean, stop and smell the roses!

This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about which accessory fits both the Sapling owner on your shopping list AND your budget. Fast.  It’s all in stock. It’s all online. It all ships free.

So, fear not: clicky, clicky . . . time well spent. Let’s do this!

If the object of your Sapling owner’s heart is to make more maple syrup faster, consider purchasing a warming pan, which pre-warms the sap and allows you to manually control the speed at which the sap gets fed into the boil. In addition, or instead, you might consider buying a package of items designed to increase air flow for a hotter fire, hold the heat, and create a reburn chamber to get more BTUs out of your sugar wood. Hot!

Perhaps you’ve heard your Sapling owner . . . opine . . . that the pour-off should be a bit longer. We’ve got a fix for that. Or that the stack wobbles in a wind storm? Fixed it. Does your Sapling owner want to overnight from a Saturday to a Sunday boil but find it a hassle to do so? We’ve got that covered too. (Literally.)

If the Sapling owner in question is a foodie in addition to an amateur sugar maker, consider purchasing a package of goods that will convert his or her Sapling into a sweet old-timey grill, a big-old smoker, or, yes, even a wood-fired pizza oven. On a budget? A set of grill grates will do just fine for some open-air party-grilling for just $69. Regardless, keep this person close. There isn’t anything better than food cooked over wood.

So, best of luck this shopping season. When in doubt, there’s always the t-shirt!